Congratulations to everyone we're celebrating this week!

Star of the Week

Reception - Frankie Holden
Year 1/2 - Oliver Lodge
Year 3/4 - Gracie Gowers
Year 5/6 - George Gillespie

Accelerated Reading

Lok Adds, Maya Butcher, Francesca Cheek, Freddie Culleton, Peter Gowers, Brooke Hughes, Scott King, Amelie Millard, Innes Thompson, Bethany Tillett, Daniel Lines, Luke Lough, Dora Pieropan, James Selwood, Isabel Sime, James Wright, Nicky Wynne, Sam Boswell, Olivia Hill, Joshua Franklin, Thomas Linnett-Loizou, Elise Pickering and Thomas Wright who all achieved 100% in their Accelerated Reading Quiz this week!

36 in total...... some children  scored 100% on more than one occasion. Well done everyone!

Empowering Girls

Congratulations to Freja Sullivan, Alicia Boswell, Kelsey Pinn, Emily Taylor, Isla  Notman, Isabella Johnson, Gracie Gowers and Isabel Sime who have all completed the Empowering Girls Group. This group involves 30 minute sessions  and aims to develop confidence, friendship and social skills, alongside problem-solving skills to resolve any issues that may occur.

The Dance Network Association have presented the following children with a certificate for performing as part of the WW1 memorial week. The children travelled to Braintree last week to take part in this.

 Scott King                      Innes Thompson              Brooke Hughes
Amelie Millard                 Maya Butcher                  Franklin Johnson
Edward Gwalter               Ronnie Boswell                 Toby Lines
Aidan Patel                      Thomas Elliott                 Paige Harrington
Bethany Tillett                Reuben Ismail                  Evie Notman
Milo Wills                        Jacob Hewitt                  Zayyan Seth
Alex Brien                       Francesca Cheek             Freya Webster
Lok Adds                         Saskia Pickering               Thomas Lunn
Peter Gowers                  Freddie Culleton              Oliver Lodge
Zena Byrne                      Connor Long

The Writing Presentation Award

This week goes to;
Stanley Butcher/Albie Hutchinson - Reception
Ronnie Boswell - Year 1/2
Lily-Mae Webster - Year 3/4
Caitlyn Roby-Smith - Year 5/6

Moved up a Reading Colour

Congratulations to Aidan Patel and Ronnie  Boswell who have both moved up a colour in reading recently.


Miss Fifield and Mr Yeldon have both received certificates for their hard work and support in school from all the staff.