Congratulations to everyone we're celebrating this week!

Star of the Week

Reception - Amelia Yardley
Year 1/2 - Connor Long
Year 3/4 - Alicia Boswell
Year 5/6 - Whole Class

We would like to wish Albie Hutchinson a very happy birthday for this week.

Well done to Years 5/6 who achieved 99.1% attendance last week!

Congratulations to Lok Adds, Maya Butcher, Amelie Millard, Innes Thompson, Isla Notman, Isabel Sime, Freja Sullivan, Olivia Elliott and Thomas Wright who all achieved 100% in their  Accelerated  Reading Quiz this week! 11 in total (some children scored 100% more than once)...... Well done everyone!

Well done to Evie Notman, Zayyan Seth, Aidan Patel, Reuben Ismail, Thomas Lunn, Zena Byrne and Freya Webster who have all moved up to the next colour in reading since being back at school.

Keep at the good work!

Writing Presentation

This week's writing presentation is awarded to

Maddison Twin - Year 5/6
Isla Notman & Dora Pieropan - Year 3/4
Ronnie Boswell - Year 1/2
Lucy Adds - Reception