Collective Worship

Our collective worship group will meet on Tuesday’s between 2:30 – 2:45pm

  • Autumn 1 – Albert Gillespie, Isabel Sime, Scott King, Alicia Boswell, Brooke Huighes, Mya Martin, Isabella Johnson, Maya Butcher
  • Autumn 2 – Adam Lines, Alex Brien, Ruby Hawthorn-Meares, Amelie Millard, Mia Nickels, Samuel Tugwell, Lyla Setford, Gracie Gowers
  • Spring 1 – Lily-Mae Webster, Isla Notman, Vanessa Smith, Freya Webster, Luke Lough, Bethany Tillett, Jack Saywell, Kelsey Pinn
  • Spring 2 – Innes Thompson, William Lodge, Daniel Lines, Alicia Boswell, Isabella Johnson, Maya Butcher, Albert Gillespie, Iasbel Sime
  • Summer 1 – Ruby Hawthorn-Meares, Amelie Millard, Adam Lines, Alex Brien, Lyla Setford, Gracie Gowers, Mia Nickels, Samuel Tugwell
  • Summer 2 – Vanessa Smith, Freya Webster, Lily-Mae Webster, Isla Notman, Jack Saywell, Bethany Tillett, Kelsey Pinn, Luke Lough

Collective Worship - 15/10/2019

The Collective Worship group welcomed the classes to the session and told the children they would like to think about the value community.
They asked the children what the word  forgiveness meant and if they could think of scenarios where you would need to ask for forgiveness.
Children were given paper and asked to draw a picture of a time when they had to forgive someone.
The Collective Worship was finished with a prayer.

Collective Worship - 08/10/2019

The Collective Worship group welcomed the classes and said they would think about the value community.
They asked the children their ideas of what the community looks like.
Children were given a piece of paper and asked to write the word community in the middle. Children then drew pictures around the word of things that make up a school community.  
Children shared their ideas with the group and a prayer finished the session.

Collective Worship - 01/10/2019

The Collective Worship group welcomed the class and asked the children to think about the Value peace. They shared the story 'Don't Worry' by Bob Hartman and the children joined in with actions.

After the story the group reflected and were asked;

  • Why do you think Jesus told this story?
  • How can worrying about things stop you feeling peaceful?
  • How does trusting God make a difference to people?

The session was finished with a prayer.

Collective Worship - 24/09/2019

The Collective Worship team welcomed their group

And asked them to think about the value hope.

They talked about how the Lord's prayer is a  prayer of hope for the world and how millions of adults and children across the world use the prayer as part of their worship.

The team asked children to think of an action that could go with each line of the Lord's prayer.

Let us go out into the world as messengers of hope and our four values: honesty, friendship, trust and respect.

Collective Worship - 17/09/2019

The Collective Worship team welcomed the groups and talked to the children about peace.

They asked what was meant by a peacemaker and children spoke to their partners and shared ideas.

The team acted out some scenarios and asked the children how they would make peace in the situations.

The session was ended with a prayer

Collective worship from previous years: 2018-19

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