Overview of Sport Premium Funding 

Sport Premium Development Plan 2018-19

Sport Premium Development Plan 2017-18

Sport Premium Development Plan 2016-17

Sport Premium Development Plan 2015-16

Continuous Professional Development opportunities for staff
Teachers and Teaching Assistants will be offered a vast array of CPD opportunities to expand their lesson repertoire and develop new ideas for their curriculum lessons. CPD opportunities are crucial in an Outstanding school that wishes to continue moving forwards and improving. Learning and teaching is monitored by the PE Co-ordinator on a regular basis to celebrate our strengths and address any weaknesses. 

Specialist opportunities to inspire
We believe that children will lead healthy lives now, and in the future, if they are inspired and have a genuine understanding of the importance of eating healthily and staying active. We would like to provide the children with visitors and trips that will engage and motivate them to lead healthy lifestyles. 

Supporting talented athletes
We are fortunate to have several pupils in school that are on pathways to regional and national success in a variety of sports. Terling aims to support these athletes with their time, school-work and equipment/transport, which would not be possible without funding from the school.

Change for Life programme
In the new year, a programme for those who are less active, or not as involved as others in our sports provision will begin. During CfL sessions, we aim to teach the children that activity can be fun and inclusive. Our sports sessions will aim to improve their cardiovascular health and teach them about healthy living. Hopefully we can inspire them to find an activity they feel enthusiastic about and encourage them to become lifelong learners in healthy eating and movement. 

Membership to the Chelmsford School Sports Partnership
Joining the CSSP will provide ample opportunities for our staff and children to experience a wider range of PE and sport. Our members of staff now access a more thorough CPD programme through the Partnership, and children are attending a wide range of competitions and enriching events. 

Sports Council Budget
Our Sports Council, made up of a boy and girl from each year group (Y1-Y6), have this year been given £200 to spend on an area of learning they feel could be developed at Terling. They will decide how to spend the funding and will order their own resources.