Bishop Stephen Visits Terling

On Thursday 12th of March, Bishop Stephen visited Terling C of E Primary School. He told us he was the Bishop of Chelmsford, who was very talented at his job. He ran six hundred churches and one hundred and forty Church of England schools. First he did an assembly and shared a story with us about a man named Mr Grumpy, who did the same thing every day. Every day he would make himself a morning tea. He would drink his tea, he’d put the tea cosy on his tea pot and go out for a stroll around the block. First, he would see the postman. He would mumble and grumble under his breath. Next he would see the lady in her shop, then do the same thing. Then, one day, he did the same thing as normal, but he put his hat on the tea pot and the tea cosy on his head. When he went out everyone smiled at him.

Bishop Stephen then came round to talk to the classes.

- By Aaron (Year 4) and Thomas (Year 5)


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