Chelmsford School Sports Partnership - Bronze Ambassadors

On Monday 29th October, 11 children from Year 5 and 6 took part in training provided by Chelmsford School Sports Partnership as they had shown an interest in representing the school as Bronze Ambassadors. The children were given an hours training on how to run games, keep scores and motivate and encourage other children. Then, after that, they tried out what they had learnt on our Year 3 and 4s.

They really excelled and have proved to me that they are capable of taking on any tasks they are trusted with and, believe me, we will be leaning on them a lot this year! The Bronze Ambassadors will be called upon throughout the year to help out and run events, get involved with lunchtime games and assist me with all things 'sporty'.

I'm very happy to announce our Bronze Ambassadors for 2018/19:

  • Adam Lines
  • Mya Martin
  • Joshua Franklin
  • Tom Wright
  • Lewis Wilson
  • Samuel Tugwell
  • George Gillespie
  • Ruby Hawthorn-Meares
  • Caitlyn Roby-Smith
  • Thomas Linnett-Louzou
  • Jack Norman


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