Sparkling Learning

We have had a great start to the term. Over the last three weeks children from all classes have been working hard on building their own learning behaviours. They have learnt about our new Sparkling Learning Behaviours which aim to develop enthused independent, lifelong learners.

Solving Problems

Playing and working together

Applying what I know

Ready to communicate

Keep using my imagination

Leading my own learning

Improving my own learning

Never give up and try new things

Growing my mindset

In Early Years and Key Stage 1 we have been using characters to help us identify with these learning behaviours for example Sammy the Snake who loves solving problems and Kenny the Kangaroo who keeps using his imagination. Why not pop in to see these characters on display during open classroom on a Tuesday. This work will continue to be embedded throughout our lessons this year and we will be holding a parents meeting to explain more about ‘Growing our Mindsets’ at home and school later in the year.