Sports Day 2019

We hope you enjoyed our Sports Day last Friday, the children certainly did. We were blessed with another Sports Day sunny day so the children retired to the shade to cheer their housemates on. It was fantastic to see the enthusiasm and support the children gave each other and there were so many little stories of children overcoming personal challenges that it turned out to be quite an emotional day for children, parents and staff alike! Thanks again to all of the family members who could make it for your ongoing support too.

I have to apologise as I had my own 'Oscar' moment - I blame the sun! - and declared the incorrect winner at the end of the competition. In fact, Team Trust (Green) won, with Team Honesty (Yellow) coming in a close second. In the spirit of our school values I corrected my mistake, let the children know and they took it very well. One child (Adam!) called for VAR but we're not quite at that stage yet!

- Mr Sime


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