The Leavers Production

On Monday 18th July the juniors put on a show called ‘REACH FOR THE SKY RIO’. The preparation took ages but on the night the performance was great.

My favourite part of the play was when everyone did the swimming dance because we could all add in our own moves.

The director of the play was Miss Tompkinson she helped the kids prepare the play. We couldn’t have done it without her. We are sad to see her go. She has been a great asset to the team.

The parents thought that the play was marvellous and wish it could be done again. By the end of the play, some of them were crying.

My favourite song was Reach for the sky.

While we were backstage, Mr Vincent helped us with our props and confidence.

Backstage exclusive

At the end of the day we were making sure that we had everything we needed for the play. The teachers told us to leave everything we needed for the play on our desk and to be back at 5:30pm to get into our costumes for the play. The adults (Parents, carer), were allowed in at 5:45.

Once all of us were back at school, we got changed into what we needed for the first scene. Years three, four and five had to wear black trousers, jeans or shorts and a colourful top that Miss Tompkinson had given them.

When we were all lined up quietly in the wings of the stage waiting for the show to start, Mrs Smart told the parents about the social media and then Miss Tompkinson played the intro music for us to walk on. Sienna cuff told the parents to enjoy the show and it began.

Once the song had finished, the crowd gave a big cheer and the year sixes started their first scene. Every time a scene finished, year six went backstage and got changed. The props backstage were everywhere and my favourite prop was Ella’s scuba diving kit.

‘All in all the play was great’.

By Nicole Orchard and Lily Butcher.


Adam cook - That was great

EDWARD ORCHARD - I loved the show, it was great!

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