Year 5 and 6 - Residential 2018

On Monday, the children arrived safely, very excited and had a lot of fun sorting out their cabins and making their beds. There was no time to waste though as we were straight into the first activities of the week: Orienteering, Mountain Biking and Low Ropes. The children used up a lot of their excited energy, had a great time and more than earned their dinner - a feast fit for a king! All of them tucked into a meal of chicken, rice, salad and spring rolls topped off with a chocolate cake.
After that, we headed out for a walk, played games, sang songs and played in the trees and by the river. Tired, we returned to the cabins for hot chocolate and biscuits.

Tuesday started with a huge breakfast of bacon rolls, toast, croissants and pain au chocolat to set us up for the day of more fun activities. A very welcome lunch of baked potatoes and salad gave the children a much needed rest - lots of the children growing a bit weary after the previous late night!
Refreshed, another active afternoon of rounders, tug of war and den building and more fun in the woods saw us into the evening for another hot chocolate before bed and a slightly earlier lights out!

We'll keep you updated with the rest of the news from camp!


Fred O'Donoghue - Really missing these people... The experience was outstanding and I will never forget it.

Louise Church - Can not thank you all enough for giving my little girl this amazing experience, she has had an amazing week with all her friends and has lots of memories for life as she moves onto the next chapter! Brilliant! 🤗

Julie lines - So much fun!

laura wilson - It was so nice to be involved in what the children have been up to with the photos , especially when I missed Lewis so much, Thank you Terling.

Julie Lines - Brilliant photos! Thank you team terling for making this possible for all of our children! Jxx

Jane Carr - Fabulous photos - what a wonderful experience for them all. Thank you 😊

Jo Martin - Looks amazing!! Well done on all your new experiences Year 5 and 6.

Paul Dawson - Lovely to see your all having a great time , excellent photos 😁

Wendy Roberts - Looks like so much fun ! Lovely to see so many happy little faces. They wont want to come home ! 😲😉

Angela Aston (Grandma) - Thank you for sharing these lovely good to see the children having such a happy time! 😁

Michelle Baxter - Really enjoying the photos, lovely to see lots of smiles. 😁

Melanie Hill - Looks as if they are having an amazing time!! Thank you for sharing these 😀

Jan Webster - Looks like you are all having an amazing time. Beautiful photo of Emily and Abby 😊.

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