Structured Conversations

Where teachers feel a longer conversation about a child would be beneficial, parents will be invited to attend a structured conversation.

A structured conversation is a 30 minute, termly meeting between parents and the class teacher which replaces the normal parents evening.

  • The first part of the structured conversation will give you an opportunity to celebrate successes, share your concerns and aspirations for your child;
  • Clear goals and targets will then be set for learning and for wider outcomes, such as behaviour, friendships and participation in clubs;
  • Together, you and the teacher decide on activities to help the child to achieve those targets;
  • Next, you will decide who will do what to help the child – in school and at home.
  • Finally, the date and time of the next meeting will be agreed and decisions made about how to keep in touch between meetings.

Your appointment time is listed below. If you are unable to make this appointment time please liaise with your child’s class teacher to make an alternative slot.