What is Read Theory?

Read Theory is a powerful educational tool that offers online reading activities for all ages and ability levels. Our custom web application adapts to students’ individual ability levels and presents them with thousands of skill building exercises that suit their needs.

Is Read Theory right for my child?

Our quizzes span the full range of reading levels, beginning with elementary school reading and ending with the most demanding    college-level passages. Our program meets national benchmarks and is aligned with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

How can Read Theory improve English Language Arts instruction?

Read Theory fosters a dynamic classroom environment. Teachers who use our program gain the freedom to provide more individualized instruction, and we provide detailed reports so teachers can track student progress using statistics, graphs, and charts.

Will my child enjoy Read Theory?

We want our program to be fun and motivational. That's why we've implemented an array of game mechanics into our program. Students earn points and achievement badges along with their reading scores. We find that they love tracking their own progress.

How much does Read Theory cost?

ReadTheory.org is completely free of charge.

How will you keep my child’s data safe?

Read Theory accounts are not linked to identifiable information such as social media accounts, photographs, or home contact information. Your child’s data will never be shared with third parties of any kind.

How do I sign up?

Your child’s teacher will provide him or her with a username and password. The teacher will have oversight of this account at all times. Students can access Read Theory at home, at school, and even on the go using mobile devices. All you need is an internet connection.

Get started today! Check out www.ReadTheory.org for more information