School Rules

1. Children, adults, school and personal belongings should all be treated with care, consideration and respect.

2. Toys and sweets should be left at home. A piece of fruit is provided to all children during the morning break and a small snack is provided for children in the foundation stage. There is also a “Tuck Shop” providing fresh healthy snacks. Children are encouraged to bring a water bottle to school each day. We are also a “nut free” school as a number of children suffer from severe nut allergies.

3. Jewellery, with the exception of watches, is not suitable for school wear. In the case of pierced ears it is essential that only close fitting studs should be worn, and must be removed for PE lessons. 

4. The grassed area in front of the school is not a play area. Please leave school along the fenced pedestrian path.

5. It is imperative that in the interest of safety for pedestrians parents observe the yellow lines outside the school and park in the lane opposite.