Governing Body

The Governors are responsible for the conduct of the school, and for promoting high standards. We aim to ensure that your children are attending a successful school which supports their wellbeing and provides them with a good education. We set the strategic direction of the school, we challenge and support by monitoring, reviewing and evaluating and we ensure accountability by working with the Headteacher regarding the school’s performance.

The main work of the Governing Body is carried out through three main committees: Finance & Premises, Pupil and Curriculum and Personnel. The Full Governing Body meets once per term as do each of the Committees. During these meetings the many policies which relate to all aspects of the life and work of the school are discussed and agreed. We also discuss, approve and monitor the School Development Plan - the ‘working document’ which tells us what is happening now and sets out our plans for the future. The Headteacher keeps us very well informed about all aspects of school life. We also visit the school on a regular basis.

The Governing Body is responsible for the appointment and performance management of the Headteacher who, in turn, is responsible for the implementation of the policies and the day to day running of the school, including managing all the staff.

Governing Body Membership

Name Category Appointed by Term of
Office starts
Term of
Office ends
Positions of
Ms Sarah Day Foundation Parochial Church Council 9.10.2015 8.10.2019 Finance and Premises
Pupil Premium / Sport
Mr Brett O’Donoghue Parent Parent Election 22.6.2018 21.6.2021 Finance and Premises
Pay Appeals
Finance & Premises
Health and Safety
British Values
Mrs Claire Franklin Foundation Diocesan Board of
25.3.2015 24.3.2019 Pupil and Curriculum
Finance and Premises
Chair of Governors
Spelling / Most able
Mrs Sarah McNamara Foundation Diocesan Board of
7.9.2016 8.9.2019 Personnel (Chair)
Pay Appeals
Finance and Premises
Mrs Jeanne MacWillson Foundation Diocesan Board of
10.10.2016 9.10.2020 Finance and Premises
Pay (Chair)
Miss Kelly Hodkinson Parent Parent Election 10.7.2018 9.7.2021 Pupil and Curriculum SEN
Mrs Janice Ovenden Foundation Parochial Church Council 21.9.2016 20/9/2020 Pupil and Curriculum
Finance and Premises
Learning Environment
Quality of Teaching
Mrs Ruth Santos-Brien Local Authority Essex County Council 10.10.2018 9/10/2022 TBC TBC
Mr Richard Sargeant Foundation Diocesan Board of
9.11.2017 8/11/2021 Personnel
Pay Appeals
Computing – website.
Mr Andrew Sime Staff Staff Election 17.4.2018 16.04.2021 Pupil and Curriculum Computing – website.
Mrs Pamela Smart Head Teacher Ex-officio 1.4.2016   Attends all meetings  

Business Interests Register


There is currently a vacancy awaiting the appointment of a new Vicar for Terling. Sarah McNamara is covering the role in the interim.

Former Members of the Governing Body



Appointed by

Term of Office Ended

Committee membership

Positions of Responsibility

Rev Rob Kean



April 2017


Chair of Personnel

RE / Attendance

Mrs Maggi Conrad Foundation PCC Diocese September 2016    
Mr Peter Evans DBE Foundation Diocese September 2016    
Lady Rayleigh Local Authority Governor LA July 2018   SEN and Attendance

Contacting Us

Whilst we are very pleased to receive your views and suggestions, any matters regarding your own children or the day to day running of the school must be addressed to the Class Teachers in the first instance. If there are any issues that can’t be resolved please then talk to the Headteacher. If you need to contact us Miss Wright, the Clerk to the Governors, will pass on any emails or letters.

2016 Governance Statement

2017 Governance Statement

2018 Governance Statement