Taylors have had a fantastic week and have all worked extremely hard to complete challenges set in the different areas both inside and outside of the classroom. In Maths this week, the children have been sorting groups and matching pairs, and some children were able to spot the group rule and the odd one out this week.  Well done!

We have been exploring the story of Dear Zoo and talking about the different sized animals and our pets at home. The children have been role playing different animals and we have had some marvellous cats, cheetahs and even tigers in the outdoor area this week. The children did some apple stamping using red and green paints to make patterns and they have really enjoyed using the hammers and nails to create patterns and pictures out of shapes. We have had some very interesting designs.

Taylors are practising their Harvest song and have already been fantastic at memorizing some of the lyrics. The song is 'Harvest Samba' which is available on YouTube for anyone who would like to practise this at home with the children next week. Taylors also created their own prayers this week and we were really impressed with how thoughtful and caring they were. The children really thought about what others may need and what they themselves could be thankful for. 

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