Any parents, whether prospective, or with children already at the school, are most welcome to visit. Please telephone, write or e-mail if you would like to do this; we will be delighted to give you a guided tour.

We value and respect the knowledge each parent has of their own child and we endeavour to work in partnership with them.

We also have an ‘open door’ policy for parents, so that they can make appointments with the class teacher or Headteacher to discuss any issues of concern they have at any time.

Reporting to and liaising with parents

At Terling CofE Primary we are really keen to develop strong relationships with parents. We believe this is key to achieving the best possible outcomes for your child.

Open Classrooms

Classrooms will be open every other Thursday from 3:15 to 3:30pm. You can come into class and look at your child’s work and speak briefly to your child’s teacher.

Parent Forum

Our parent forum will continue to meet every half term to discuss ways to improve things further for your children. Miss Wright will post dates and times for each meeting on the newsletter and in the calendar.

We all look forward to working with you and your child over the coming year. The important thing to remember is that class teachers and the senior leadership team are always available to discuss any issues.

If you require a copy of any information from the school website, please contact the school office.