Physical Education

Physical Education is essential for every child and its value is recognised by its inclusion as a foundation subject within the National Curriculum. It helps to develop a healthy body and reduce the risk of heart disease. It offers opportunities to experience a wide range of activities that can form an important part of our leisure time, promoting a feeling of well being and enjoyment of life. Finally it helps to develop important social values; determination, co-operation, honesty, loyalty, self-discipline, self respect and respect for others.


Practical areas of work covered are gymnastics, dance, athletics, game skills and swimming. Children develop and improve co-ordination and motor skills through individual and small group activities, using a variety of equipment in a variety of situations. We plan for invention, co-operation, understanding of and the need for rules, decision making, and mini games. Children are given an opportunity to officiate and coach. Finally in years 5 & 6 we introduce official rules and increased understanding of tactics and teamwork.

We participate in a programme of inter-school sports which provides an opportunity for children to experience the benefits of healthy competition.