Terling Church of England Primary School Breakfast Club aims to provide pupils of all ages with a safe and fun place to start their school day. Breakfast Club is open to all pupils and we will do our best to accommodate the needs of your child. 

The club is informal and friendly, allowing children a choice as to how they start the day: some children like to wake up slowly; others prefer to get on and play. 

Each morning a nutritious breakfast is provided. The children are encouraged to sit down and talk together. At the end of the session, the children are well fed, happy and ready to learn.

Breakfast Club has a fixed cost of £4.00 per session, which includes a choice of breakfast and fun activities. The cost does not change depending on the time you arrive or if you choose not to have breakfast with us.  Booking and payment are online via ParentMail Payments.  Please ensure you have booked prior to arriving with your child.

Opening times
We are open from 7.30-8.35am every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday during term time (excluding non-pupil days). Your child can be dropped off at any time between these times via the main entrance. Please ensure your child arrives in plenty of time if you wish them to eat with us.

Everyday we offer:

A choice of breakfast cereal
Toast with a selection of toppings from butter, jam, honey, marmite
Milk and water