Notley Family of Schools (NFOS)

John Ray Infant School, John Ray Junior School, Notley High School, Notley Green Primary School, Rayne Primary School, Terling CofE Primary School, White Court Primary School, White Notley Primary School, Holy Trinity CofE Primary, St Peter's CofE Primary School, Richard De Clere Community Primary School.

The Notley Family of Schools partnership consists of the 11 schools above.

This group of schools has been working together for some time. In 2015 the group was successful in becoming a school-to-school led improvement partnership. The group are now working to bring about school improvement within a collaborative package of support, including;

  • Regular meetings of Head Teachers
  • Teams of heads and senior leaders visit each school to conduct peer reviews
  • Groups of staff meeting together to discuss identified priorities
  • Sharing teaching and leading expertise across the family of schools
  • Subsidised training and school development programmes
  • A governance board to oversee the work of the group

NFOS is ambitious about the achievements they hope to accomplish together. Excellent schools bring parents together with partner agencies to discuss common areas of interest or needs. In the future it is hoped that NFOS parents will benefit from this kind of support.

Schools within the Partnership commit themselves to our vision and values which are as follows:

To be a sustainable partnership of schools that delivers the strongest provision to achieve the highest possible outcomes – both academically and holistically for all its pupils.